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Meet the New Owner of Mountain Girl Organics October 31, 2010

We are thrilled to introduce you all to Paula Aurand-Stephens, the new owner of Mountain Girl Organics. She has been a very busy woman, what with the Holidays right around the corner (ahh, the memories)!
Thanks to help from Laurie and Paula’s husband Scott, you can now find MGO products for sale online and at the following shops this Holiday Season:
Mountain Man Fruit & Nut on the Boardwalk in Evergreen
Luna’s Mandala in Conifer, above Mountain Books
Bella Vita in Kittredge, next to Black Hat Cattle Company
Le Boudoir on Hotel Way in Evergreen, next to Starbucks
Paula will be participating in a few local Holiday Events as well this year (please click here for details).  In case you couldn’t tell, I believe she is the perfect person to take over MGO and could not be more happy about it!
Paula can be reached at  You can also find Mountain Girl Organics on facebook
Thank you all for being great customers and friends…I have met so many wonderful people through this little biz.  Let’s keep in touch…
Valynne & Paul
PS HaPpY HaLloWeEN!!!

Paula and Scott at their first MGO booth!



Mountain Girl Memories June 3, 2010

Hard to believe it is June and that we have been caretaking here in MA for the past eight months!  Last night kicked off the first of the 2010 Summer Concert Series at the Lakehouse in Evergreen, Colorado and we both let out a bit of a sigh for having missed it…hoping to get out for a visit and a concert or two very soon.  

Meeting Mary Jane Butters at MGO's first out of state Farm Fair. We love Mary Jane's Farm!

While realtor Sue Caicedo continues to field questions from potential MGO buyers, I am putting the finishing touches on my MGO Scrapbook.  I keep thinking that I am done, then I discover something else in the form of a momento or memory that just needs to be added.  

To get an idea of what this project has turned into, take the page you see above and multiply it by several dozen.  I am only giving you a teaser with the idea that I will have an online scrapbook for you to browse one of these days : )

This book includes several CO Events (Kittredge Canyon Fest, Gloamin’ Fest, Conifer Mountain Music Fest, Evergreen Big Chili Cook Off, various Boettcher Mansion Shows, etc.) as well as displays in local shops (Mountain Man Fruit & Nut Co, Evergreen Crafters, Luna’s Mandala, Le Boudoir, etc.).  

And then there’s the random stuff, like the evolution of the labels and various community projects/fundraisers we were involved in. 

If you have anything you would like to contribute, please let me know (don’t want to leave out anything important!).  I really do intend to wrap this up SOON and have something special to pass along to the next proud owner of Mountain Girl Organics

To find out more about the sale of Mountain Girl Organics, please see the flyer below (click on it to enlarge)…



Thank you for reading, and for being a big part of this little company.  I look forward to hearing from anyone that has a Mountain Girl Memory to contribute.  XOX,

Valynne and Paul 


A Fun Interview with Rachel Carlson of Lost in the Attic with Cupcakes April 11, 2010

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Valynne Shows Off Her New "Do"


I know this little blog has been neglected as of late, and now that the biz is up for sale and people are spending more time here, I thought you all would appreciate a little update. 

My friend Rachel interviewed me regarding MGO and we had so much fun with it!  Hope you enjoy it as well.  Just click on and be sure to leave a comment which will automatically enter you to win a prize, or two : )

In the meantime, we continue to love our new life and would really love to keep in touch with you at our new blog…  Happy Spring, everyone! 


PS We are on Facebook…please find us and fan us at Caretaking Couple… 


Mountain Girl Organics is Up for Sale! February 20, 2010

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If you have not heard already, Mountain Girl Organics, LLC is going up for sale as soon as all of the bookwork is taken care of.  My realtor will be Sue Caicedo of Evergreen Commercial Group.  Here is her contact info:

Sue Caicedo
Keller Williams Foothills Realty
Evergreen Commercial and Residential Group
303-670-7732 Office
720-839-3484 Cell

I know a lot of you have questions (the most popular being “How Much Are You Selling It For?!?) and we are busy working on all of that. 

My inventory and equipment are currently with my friend and mentor Laurie Teason in Lakewood, CO.  She has a commercial kitchen there and would like to continue on with MGO. 

Laurie does not come with the sale : ) however she is familiar with all things MGO and would prove invaluable should someone without industry experience purchase MGO. 

***You can find Mountain Girl Organics pictures on my Facebook page.  Feel free to friend me (Valynne Bernetich) and/or become a fan of Caretaking Couple***

If you have questions or comments feel free to share.  If I can answer them, I will.  As soon as all info is gathered, the details of the sale will be left to Sue. 

Big hugs to all you friends, customers, and fellow greenies out there : )

Valynne & Paul (303) 903-7821


Announcement January 7, 2010

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Backyard Bay

Hello Friends of MGO,

To pick up where this blog has left off, please go to where you will find out what the heck we are doing in Cape Cod and other fun stuff.  Thank you for reading and HAPPY HAPPY 2010 from your friends,

Valynne and Paul


Changes September 19, 2009

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 Heart Clouds

Paul and I have lined up our first official Caretaking Job.  Most of you know we have been looking forward to spending some time exploring different places and pets once the house sold, and things are all coming together as we knew they would!  I will be blogging on our adventures regularly and will give you more details soon, if you’d like. 

I am asking all of my wholesale accounts to order now for the Holidays (Le Boudoir, Mountain Man, Luna’s Mandala, Evergreen Crafters, etc).  Laurie and I will be creating one more huge round of products before we put production on hold in order to focus on R&D, R&R, Restructuring, and the like .  

If you would rather order through me, you can do so online at  on or before October 1st, 2009.  My products have a two-plus year shelf life if kept away from extreme heat, so don’t hesitate to stock up. 

We will not be taking any orders after October 1st. 

All orders must be paid in full by October 1st

All Orders will be shipped on November 1st

Thank you all for your support these past three years.  If you would like to continue receiving e-mails from me, please let me know as I would love to keep in touch.  I have a lot of you down as “Farmers Market Friends”, etc. so if you would not mind giving me your updated contact info, that would be great. 

If you would prefer to be taken off of this e-mail list, please just hit the “Reply” button and say “Remove me from your e-mail list” in the subject line.  If I don’t hear from you either way, I will most likely take you off of my list as part of my ongoing quest to simplify.

Again, thank you all!  We are going to miss so many things about Evergreen, Kittredge, and Conifer…the people especially.  Who knows, we may be back here to live in a year or two?!? 

Obviously we will be visiting – for example we would not miss the premiere of Julie Gallahue’s film, Left Unsaid, which is being edited as we speak! 

In the meantime, Joe Bye and Roger Falter are playing next Friday (Sept 25th), which will be my last night bartending at the Ice House.   As always, I hope to see you there!  Charlie and Cindy don’t charge a cover, which makes it easier for us to show our local musicians some love via their tip jar!  

Be sure to keep the community spirit going for us in our absence.  Lots of Love,

Valynne and Paul

PS  On Sunday, one of my favorite bands ever, Dakota Blonde is playing at Red Rocks.  We have been looking forward to it for weeks now.  Here is more info from Mary…

Sunday Sept. 20th JOURNEY OF HOPE BENEFIT CONCERT, Morrison, CO  RED ROCKS Amphitheater.  Join us for a very magical evening!  Exhibit Fair 5:00-7:00pm Main Event 7:00-10:00pm.  Dakota Blonde is honored to be part of a very special evening along with many other very special guests of the night (including Greg Mortenson, author of “Three Cups of Tea”).  We will be performing Mary’s song, “Follow the Child” along with the Colorado Children’s Chorale! (please note that we are making a special appearance at this show and are not doing a full set… sure to be a beautiful & inspiring night at a gorgeous setting. We are looking forward!).  *Gabe Gallegos will be joining us on cello & Chris Stongle on drums!*   Many more details of this event at  Tickets are now FREE, so please pass the word around and let’s pack the house! *Please help us spread the word about this event.* Thank you so much!


Even the Bears came out for Gloamin’ (Thank you, Willie Gibson Photography!) September 8, 2009

Just click on the pics to make ’em bigger!